Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Update- 22 weeks

*just realized Mother's Day was 5/8 not 5/7. Oh well*

Size of baby: Spaghetti squash-  he is almost a pound, starting to look more like a newborn.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 pounds

Maternity Clothes: regular pants with belly bands and a mix with tops.

Sex: Boy #2

Movement: Pretty consistent movement and its all over so he's shifting around a lot in there. Can even see my belly move now. 

What I miss: caffeine and chocolate, I'm not allowed to have caffeine right now and since chocolate has caffeine in it I have to cut that out as well. 

Sleep: not great, lots of tossing and turning and getting up to pee.

Symptoms: lots of movement, backaches and growing pains in my belly.

Cravings: chocolate because I can't eat it. 

Best Moment this week: We did the fetal echo cardiogram to check on the baby's heart and everything looks great! The minor irregularity that he had at the anatomy scan seems to be gone possibly due to cutting out all caffeine so I need to continue that. Also, I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.

What I am looking forward to: finish up our registry. My sister-in-law is throwing me a sprinkle later this summer so I need to get that updated. 


princess apr said...

You're such a cute pregnant woman! I didn't cut out caffeine, but I did cut out carbs (because I was diabetic the first time so I did it preventatively the second time). I wanted all things carby. It's crazy what we do for the little stinkers.

I'm sure you have a lot or will receive a lot, but I sent you a FB message of stuff I found if you're interested. Mostly bottles, a hardly used sippy cup (like filled a bunch of times but never used), hardly used binkies and binky clip and holder, and the bottle "grass" and flower to dry all the bottles and accessories. I gave most of my stuff to my co-worker.

Also, we may have some other items I just haven't donated yet.

We waited so long for the second, we had almost nothing or what we had expired. Luckily, my co-worker has a son a year younger and a second co-worker has a son two years younger so I've passed down quite a bit - and continue to.

Stephanie Cox said...

I didn't drink any caffeine with C but never once did I think about chocolate. OOPS!