Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Lately

As usual May has shaped up to be a pretty busy month. In fact the past two months have been pretty jam packed with plans every weekend.

-Last weekend we celebrated Mother's Day by going to see both of Kristian's grandmothers (both of whom are in their 90s). At his paternal grandmothers house, most of the extended family was able to come over so Hunter got to see many of his aunts, uncles and cousins. He even got to meet one of his great-aunts for the first time. He was a bit overwhelmed and shy the whole time. We then went to Kristian's maternal grandmothers house which had a smaller group and Hunter did much better there. It wasn't the most relaxing Mother's Day but it was nice to see everyone. I also got to see my mom later that afternoon. 

Me and my beautiful mama.

Kristian's grandmother with all 9 of her great-grandchildren and of course MY child was the only one who wouldn't look at the camera and smile. 

-The day after Mother's Day was my birthday. It wasn't terribly exciting since I had to go to work. But I came home and Kristian had decorated the dining room, cooked dinner and gave me a few gifts. My little guy was excited to help me blow out the candles on my cake. 

-In other very exciting news my brother and his fiancee bought a new house, and it's one block up the street from us! It's literally a 5 minute walk and I'm so excited! The house is huge and gorgeous and they got a fantastic deal on it. I'm incredibly jealous because their house is on the street that Kristian and I love and have always said if we had the money we would buy pretty much any of the houses on that street. It's the last street of single family homes before you get to the townhouse section where we live. They have an amazing multi-level deck which will be great for cookouts and we can't wait to spend a lot of time over there hanging out. It doesn't hurt to have another set of free babysitters close by and I'm so excited about the prospect of being so close to any future nieces or nephews. 

-This past weekend we were invited over to our neighbors house for dinner. Hunter and his little girlfriend Jordynn got to have date night while the grownups ate. We all then went outside so that the kids could play with the other young neighborhood kids that were out running around. There was a group of about 7 kids drawing with chalk and chasing each other until almost dark (and way past Hunters bedtime) while all the parents chatted. It was just a perfect spring evening. 

The lovebirds.

-The other piece of exciting news is that my mom adopted a miniature dachshund puppy that she named Annie. She brought her over yesterday and we all fell in love with her. Hunter laughed while the puppy gave him kisses and Moxie chased her new cousin around the yard. We also get to dog sit next week while my mom goes on an already planned vacation and we are thrilled. We may not give her back!

-The next few weekends will be busy with a trip to the beach house for Memorial Day and my brothers upcoming wedding in June. This year seems to be flying by!


Amanda said...

What an adorable puppy!!! Glad to hear you had a great mother's day and birthday!

Stephanie Cox said...

Life is so busy nowadays isn't it? I love seeing your "updates" on IG. I mean how could I not when Hunter is just the cutest little guy!

Shannon said...

Awesome post. So much going on.

First, love your black and white skirt. Totally adorable!

Two, yay for your brother moving in five mins away!!!!

Finally, I love watching little kids play together. Glad you have that in your neighborhood!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

so much win in this post!! those adorable little dates are the cutest, aren't they? i love watching kayla chat with her friends, it's so cute.

Vodka and Soda

Venassa said...

Your life sounds like so much fun! The idea of chatting with other people while kids play outside sounds heavenly to me. I wish we lived in a community like that. Love the picture. You look great, as always. Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

Krysten Quiles said...

Life sounds pretty darn fun in your neck of the woods!