Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is in Bloom

Not only have we had a lot of updates and changes to make to the inside of our house but there are many changes we plan to make to the outside as well, primarily in regards to landscaping. Because of what Kristian does for a living and the people he's worked/friends with we have a great plan for both the front and back of our house and thanks to some hook ups we should be able to get everything for relatively inexpensive.

However we need to get our plans approved through the HOA and then we can get started hopefully in May with all the landscaping. In the meantime our house was looking pretty drab and boring so this past weekend we Kristian went to Home Depot and bought some plants to help brighten things up a bit. I leave all the planting/flowers/landscaping to him, not only because it's part of his job but also because I can't even keep a cactus alive.

There's still a lot to be done but the small additions already make the place look better from the outside.

Here's the front doorway. I LOVE our red door (though it needs to be repainted) so I think having the red flowers in the blue pot really help bring out the colors in the house.


Couldn't tell you what these flowers are called. But I like them.

He also potted some flowers and herbs to keep on both the upper and lower decks in the back.

It's amazing what a few plants can really do to the outside of a house. I can't wait to get all the landscaping done and add a tree or two out front.

Have you planted any flowers this season?


Marcy XOXO said...

Can't wait to plant flowers at our hew home! How exciting!!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Pretty plants! I have a house plant in our sun room, but we don't yet have a yard for planting.

Teenage Bride said...

they look great!!! I don't think I will be doing any planting this Spring it is getting a little difficult to bend over haha

Marian said...

I'm kind of like you...things tend to die under my eye...but we def plan on planting some goodies this year. I'm hoping a visit from the 'rents will help us out. They have some amazing gardens at home and will show us the proper way to I don't have weeds two weeks later that are growing faster than my seeds. Sigh.

Looks great!!! Can't wait to see what you two have in store

Meg said...

Everything looks beautiful girl!

We planted 12 plants in the front yard around our tree, then 5 up the walk way. We love them, we feel like it makes the home more welcoming.

bcallegra said...

I'm in the same boat as you - recently married in 2010 and we bought our first house last year. I have never seen my husband so obsessed with landscaping and buying plants for outside the house. We have a Lowe's shopping trip planned for the weekend to get flowers for the outside - time to discover my inner gardener!

bananas. said...

i have yet to plant flowers...but you have inspired me to start! i love how they add cheerfulness to any place in the house.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice! We do plan to plant some when we return from our honeymoon mid-may. We did go out and buy a hibiscus plant though! :)