Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House Tour- Where the Magic Happens

  Next stop on my house tour is our master bedroom or as they would always stay on MTV Cribs the room where all the magic happens. As with our other rooms there is still quite a bit that needs to be done in this room like- painting, buying curtains, replacing the ceiling fan, adding a rug and hanging photos/art. So nothing major but definitely some more decorative touches to make the room complete.

Here is the room from the entry. Our bedroom is at the top of the stairs and has double doors which I love! It makes the room feel more grand in my opinion. We also have high ceiling which adds the feeling of more space. 

 Check out our LARGE window. Finding blinds and/or curtains is going to be a bit more of challenge due to the extra large size which is why they are still bare. Fortunately our bedroom is on the third floor and faces the woods so we're pretty good on privacy in that respect. Kristian even talked about leaving them bare so as not to hinder our view but on the weekends when the sun starts coming in at 6am I'm wishing for window coverings!

Here is the view from the entryway into our bathroom of our new bed, new duvet (which is still wrinkled from the packaging) and new nightstands. We had those lamps already. I want to get one or two more decorative pillows to accent the sage color and find some art to put above the bed.

What may not be as apparent in this picture is exactly how high the bed is. It's REALLY high. I'm only 5'0 tall barefoot and I literally need to jump into bed or step on the footboard to get into it. I really need steps like you get with dogs because the top of the bed comes up to my chest area. Yeah it's ridiculous but I love being up high and I love the two extra drawers on either side at the bottom of the bed.

Here is the view from the wall with the bed towards my dresser, the t.v. and the entry into our bathroom/vanity area (which I'll talk about in another post). I love having my big new dresser and mirror. Originally we planned to hang the t.v. on the wall where the dresser is now but seeing how that was the only wall the dresser would fit on we hung the t.v. at an angle in the corner and it worked out perfectly! We just need to somehow hide those wires and hang a shelf underneath to hold the Cable box and DVD player.

Here is the view from the wall with the windows looking down the hallway into our office. On the left side of the hall we have the linen closet, then the guest bath, followed by the guest bedroom/future kid's room. Kristian got the tall upright dresser which I organized for him. He loves that he's now able to actually find the t-shirts he's looking for. We also need something to go above this dresser to help fill the empty wall space.

And here again is our view from the bedroom window of the woods and the river. It's so quiet outside and in the mornings you can see the crew teams rowing down the river and watch all the animals playing around in the trees. It's very peaceful.

Right now the room is still very bare and kinda bland but hopefully we can perk it up a bit with a little color and art on the walls. 


Julianne said...

We had odd sized windows in our house, so we ordered blinds off can put in your measurements and the prices were very reasonable and we've been very happy with them!

Teenage Bride said...

What a great room! we ahv been in our house for a little more than a year and we still need to finish decorating the bedroom haha

bananas. said...

daaaaaang that bed is TALL!!! you're gonna need bumpers like the ones on top bunk beds just to make sure you don't fall off. HA!

in other words...i'm hecka jealous.

KLaw said...

Girl i dont know how you make it up on that thing every night Leetle One! That shit is mad crazy big!

Your room is purrrdy. I love your new house!

Annie said...

your bed looks so big and comfy!!! be careful that you don't fall out of it, you would get hurt ;)
love all your dark furniture!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Wow! Your bed is one of the tallest I've ever seen! Looks comfy!

april said...

Yeah, the bed looks really high. :) The room looks great though!

If you're friends with Lori on Facebook, she had a large window and bought custom blinds and it was quite a deal. She was quite pleased. I can find out from where if you're interested. Let me know.

Marian said...

Um, I kid you not...our beds are eerily similar....except our bedroom set is white. Even the linens. And is it weird that I'm feeling you on the whole getting into bed thing. I either need a running start o have to use the siding as a step.

Saying I do said...

Haha everyone commented on how tall your bed is...but that looks awesome! Love it and love the whole room!

Meg said...

Love your bedroom! You have so much great space to work with. That window is beautiful.