Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life Lately

It's hard to believe it's already August and summer is almost over. We've been pretty busy with places to go and errands to run every weekend and it seems that time is just flying by.

A few weeks ago we went down to my in-laws beach house for the weekend and as usual had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Hunter just adores going to the beach house and being with his grandparents. He can't get enough of digging in the sand, playing on the deck and just exploring a new place. This past trip we took him out on the boat for the first time and after a little bit of initial hesitation he just loved it. Every weekend he asks if we can go back.

A few months back we made a donation to the local fire department and with that donation we were able to get some family photos taken (pets included!) and pick out a free 10x13 photo from the session (with the option to buy more). Well a couple weeks ago was the photo shoot and despite Hunter tripping and falling while we waited and getting a bloody nose right before we had to get our picture taken, the photos turned out great. I chose the below family shot for our free 10x13 and also ordered a 5x7 of the photo with just Hunter and Moxie. I can't get over how much older Hunter looks with his haircut short.

Kristian and I are gearing up for our trip to Bermuda in a couple weeks. Yep we're going to Bermuda for a week with another couple that we are friends with. Actually I played matchmaker and set my friend/coworker up with one of Kristian's best friends. They hit it off immediately and have basically been inseparable for two months now and we are all going on this trip together and cannot wait!! Hunter will be staying stateside with my mom for the week and I know he will love his nana time while mommy and daddy are off relaxing on the beach with a cocktail or 10.

The professional photos from my brothers wedding were posted and I think they all turned out great and I'm dying over all the really cute shot that she got of Hunter and even a few cute ones of me and my hubby. I may end up having as many photos framed of their wedding as I do my own. Once all the photos are uploaded to a photosharing site I will post more but below is a fantastic family shot that was taken during the reception.

*photo by Angela Perez Photography


princess apr said...

I can't believe what a big boy Hunter is with his hair cut. It's breaking my heart!

The wedding pictures are beautiful. I'm familiar with all the wedding venues, too. So, it made me nostalgic. It's the town where I went to college.

Have fun in Bermuda! We honeymooned there, and it's very lovely and relaxing and not far so you don't waste a lot of time traveling or with jet lag. We stayed at the Princess hotel because where else would I stay? *g*

Shannon said...

I am so jealous of your bermuda trip!!! And Hunter seems to have grown like 3 years in the past 3 months.

Stephanie Cox said...

I'm amazed with how grown up a hair cut can make a little boy look!
I'm jealous of your island vacation. I need a week away from life. I mean, really it's all good in my world but a week on the beach... heavenly!
I miss your blog posts and updates! Hope all is well.